Monday, June 27, 2016

Sharkoon Skiller Pro Gaming Keyboard

There are a number of gaming keyboards that are all vying for market space. The sheer range of quality means that one can purchase a keyboard from about $20 out to a price point exceeding $300 for some of the professional gaming models. We received the Sharkoon Skiller Pro Gaming Keyboard for review that is on the lower end of prices ($29.99 at online retailers) but at no point should individuals consider this to be on the bottom end of quality.

Sure it is true that you aren’t receiving programmable LEDs with the shark keyboard but one will be quite pleased at the tactile feel of the keyboard, along with the considerable amount of personalization that is present with the different macro options available. With other keys that can be mapped to video replay, the home screen, monitor settings and the email, the sheer amount of functionality that is present with the Sharkoon Skiller Pro Gaming Keyboard is comparable to above-$100 keyboards. The response that one will get when typing is fulfilling; the satisfying click of the keys allows one to create a rhythm with each sentence.

The keys are pretty equal in terms of size to the gaming keyboards on the market while the blue backdrop is stark in full sunlight and during the hours of the early morning. The Sharkoon Skiller Pro Gaming Keyboard will do a tremendous job for those who receive it as a birthday or holiday gift and it does its job perfectly fine. The Sharkoon Skiller Pro Gaming Keyboard is available for about $30 and would be a perfect purchase for anybody in a pinch or for somebody doing their first gaming computer build. For more information about the entire product line that the shark company creates visit Sharkoon’s main domain. Sales and other products announcements are available on Sharkoon’s social media profiles.

Rating: 8.3/10

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Sharkoon Skiller Pro Gaming Keyboard

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