Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Chubna (Oskar Blues)

Chubna is one of the tastiest efforts that we have received so far in 2016. The brew links together a sharp alcoholic nose with hops and more sweet-forward elements into an incredibly complex and fulfilling effort. The linking together of Old Chub (Oskar Blues’ scotch ale) with Gubna (their Imperial IPA) is already an interesting proposition, but the brewery has placed the resulting brew in Buffalo Trace barrels to impart a whole other set of notes into the effort.

The hot alcohol burn of Chubna is moderated well through a rich set of flavors, including dark fruits, brown sugar, whiskey, and vanilla. What results here has the perfect amount of hops to stave off the overly-sweet elements that are experienced in a number of high-octane imperial stouts and strong ales. This high ABV is perfect to keep the different twists and turns of Chubna constant through an entire stovepipe can. The initial burn never fully leaves Chubna, but it is this astringent element that keeps the beer fresh and interesting from the initial sip all the way to the concluding quaff. The slight bit of bitterness concludes this nicely, reminding imbibers throughout about the dominance of toffee, dark chocolate, and taffy elements. A 24 ounce stovepipe can is more than enough to begin and conclude a night nicely.

We have reviewed a number of Oskar Blues’ beers in the past; their Pinner IPA is a high-water mark for session IPAs, while Dale’s Pale Ale is refreshing and similarly dense in flavor; Death By Coconut still holds a place in our hearts as one of our favorite adjunct-based porters. Visit the Oskar Blues’ website for a full listing of the brewery’s year round and seasonal beers, while OB’s Facebook and Twitter will keep individuals up to date about new brews, events, and the latest from the brewery.

Rating: 9.7/10

Chubna / Oskar Blues / 12.6% ABV / www.oskarblues.com / http://www.oskarblues.com/#dbc /twitter.com/oskarblues / instagram.com/oskarblues/

Chubna (Oskar Blues)

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