Sunday, June 19, 2016

Majestic - Beast Mode / Fake Life

Fake Life starts with a deep and dark beat that calls comparisons to gangster music, 50 Cent, and Rick Ross singles. The energy brought the cut by Majestic’s vocals is reminiscent of artists like Tech N9ne and Brotha Lynch Hung. A bit of screwed and chopped lyrics provide further variety to the track, while the intensity of Majestic’s vocals keep the replay value of the song high.Majestic’s unique take on rap music means that he brings a bit of harmony to the overall composition along with establishing the narrative of the composition. Few rappers are able to create something wholly different in a music genre that is nearly at its 40-year mark, but the depth of Fake Life is something that adds further to the corpus of the genre.

Beast Mode has a slower, more deliberate flow that plays over a twinkling production. The song does much to create the overall spirit of Majestic; there are nods to traditional gangster movies, gritty topics, and a no frills approach to the track that showcases the raw reality lived by Majestic. A shift away from English at the mid-point of Beast Mode keeps listeners firmly on the edges of their seats until the track concludes.

Back In The Day moves away from the New York rap style of Beast Mode and Fake Life to adopt a style seemingly built off of the work of the West Coast. Ample use of sampling and sizzling instrumentation further tattoo the effort deep into the minds and hearts of listeners. For more information about Majestic and samples from his discography, visit the Rameca Records Facebook or Majestic’s own Youtube website. We’ll be eagerly waiting for more singles to drop from this bleeding-edge performer.

Majestic – Beast Mode / Fake Life / Back in the Day / 2016 Rameca Records / / /


Majestic - Beast Mode / Fake Life

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