Monday, June 13, 2016

Nadia Kali (Hibiscus Saison)

Nadia Kali is the latest seasonal from Great Divide, and showcases a bright, crisp, and dry set of flavors. The beer pours with a moderate brown color with a slight hint of reddish coloration. An initial nose yields floral hints along with a small amount of sweet smell. When one has their first sip of Nadia Kali, they will be greeting with citrus hints along with strong wheat / grain elements and an underlying thread of hops. The inclusion of hibiscus, lemon, and ginger into this beer is something special, adding vim and vigor to Nadia Kali.

Nadia Kali is a stellar thirst-quenching beer, completing shattering the conception that a lawnmower or bonfire beer has to be devoid of flavors. Rather, imbibers will be impressed at the twists and turns that Great Divide takes them on from the beginning to the end of a bottle. The 6.3% ABV of Nadia Kali ensures that the sharp focus initially experienced is something that continues through until the final sip. The effervescence of Nadia Kali does well to refresh one’s palette, allowing the blend of flavors to yield something new each and every time they take a pull. The bit of sweetness that pokes its head out at the conclusion of each drink keeps things light and approachable throughout the brew.

NeuFutur has covered a number of Great Divide brews over the last few years, including their Showdown Rye, Espresso Oak Aged Yeti, Orabelle, Hibernation Ale and Old Ruffian. Visit Great Divide’s website for more information about their year-round and seasonal offerings; take a sojourn to their social media profiles for product announcements, news, and brewery events.

Nadia Kali will be available at any local beer store that stocks Great Divide offerings throughout the summer.

Rating : 8.7/10

Nadai Kali (Hibiscus Saison) / Great Divide / 6.3% ABV / / / /

Nadia Kali (Hibiscus Saison)

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