Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Jordan Bennett - Outcasts and Untouchables

Stars at Night is a passionate pop-rock track that succeeds through Bennett’s emotive vocals and an instrumentation that provides highlighting at all the right points. The overall track is elegant in its design; drums, guitars, and Bennett’s vocals combine to tattoo a harmony deep into listeners’ minds. Nothing Without You continues to showcase the same raw emotion initially heard in Stars at Night. This single builds upon emotive rock, pop, and even praise music to make for something beautiful. 

A Letter to a Friend needs little more than a guitar, bongos and Bennett’s vocals to make for the most touching effort on Outcasts and Untouchables. A sweeping instrumentation and soaring vocals unite to make a song that will touch anyone fortunate enough to listen in. The titular song on Outcasts and Untouchables is another hit for Jordan; the driving instrumentation stands in bold opposition to the more ethereal sound achieved by Bennett during this composition. The quicker tempo is perfect as it ensures that listeners will be on the edges of their seats for follow-up efforts.

Walk With Me to the Heavens is another highlight for Bennett on the album as the guitar/drum dynamic utilizes a different time signature than anything previously heard on the reason. By never settling in to a specific set of sounds, Jordan is able to create an album that will stand up to repeat listening in a way that few albums can. The Great Unknown succeeds due to a stellar narrative that is matched by a similarly dense and detailed set of arrangements. Jordan Bennett succeeds here as there is such great care in ensuring that each note fits in the larger work (song or album) perfectly.

Top Tracks: A Letter to a Friend, Walk With Me to the Heavens

Rating: 8.2/10

Jordan Bennett – Outcasts and Untouchables / 2016 Self / /

Jordan Bennett - Outcasts and Untouchables

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