Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Ayron Michael Unleashed CD Review


Have It Your Way is a track that touches upon the work of Akon, Ne*yo, and Chris Brown. There is a certain twinkling nature to the track that will appease any fans of R&B. Michael’s vocals here could easily make it onto pop rotation, while the production pushes his vocals into an entirely separate realm from the average R&B fodder. One Night brings things back to a more time-tested tradition, with a R.Kelly meets “Confessions”-era Usher. The twinkling instrumentation and addition of Millaman to this track makes the effort into another single.

Medicine is a track that is contemporary as all get out, with the track adopting a middle-ground between EDM and R&B. Michael’s vocals shine through as the brightest point of the song, but the dance backdrop could easily be the work of a Benny Benassi. Hero (featuring Erim Cicek) is a harder track, providing listeners with a decidedly different facet of Michael’s musical persona. The track is tied to the rest of Unleashed through the sheer amount of work that has been put into the effort. Every beat, note, and lyric combines to provide listeners with something that is absolutely unparalleled in current music.

Make sure to check Michael’s website for more information about his current music, links to a variety of Michael’s videos, and the ability to sign up for his newsletter. If Unleashed is any sort of indication, Ayron Michael’s star will only shine from here; tell your local radio stations to start spinning cuts from Unleashed  today.

Top Tracks: Have It Your Way, Medicine

Rating: 8.5/10

Ayron Michael Unleashed CD Review / 2013 Self / 9 Tracks /

Ayron Michael Unleashed CD Review

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