Saturday, June 15, 2013

FlatWave Amped Antenna Review


The sheer thinness of the FlatWave Amped ensures that it can be placed up at any position. The antenna allows for HDTV signals to be picked up to a range of 50 miles, a considerable increase over TV antennas and off-the-shelf offerings. The cable that Winegard provides is long enough to place the antenna in a spot with the greatest reception, while the antenna is dual-band. The dual-band designation is important, as the FlatWave Amped can pick up a variety of signals. The antenna has an absolutely stellar reception and will pick up a number of signals.

When we were testing the product, we were able to receive signals from Cleveland, Akron, Canton, and Youngstown. The collection of channels that were available to us were comparable to other dish and cable providers; Winegard has ensured that their FlatWaved Amped would be paid for after the first month with this strong transmission quality, incredible amount of channels, and ease of use and installation.

The FlatWave Amped comes with a full 90 day warranty, ensuring that an individual will be able to return the product should there be some sort of issue with the workmanship or defects present. The FlatWave Amped can be purchased directly from Winegard for $89.99, and full instructions and features are readily accessible from the Winegard website. Make sure to check out the Winegard website for more information about the company’s list of products. We’ll be using the FlatWave Amped for a long time to come.

Rating: 8.3/10

FlatWave Amped Antenna Review /

FlatWave Amped Antenna Review

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