Sunday, June 2, 2013

Devour the Day Time & Pressure CD Review


Egypt Central begat Devour the Day. I feel that the tracks that comprise Time & Pressure showcase an act that is mature enough to make thoughtful music but still possesses the ability to kick ass and take names.  The album begins with Respect, a punk-infused track that ratchets up the work of Avenged Sevenfold and The Offspring into something much more toothy and in your face.

Good Man does a solid job of providing listeners with a substantially different side of Devour the Day; the effort showcases the depth of the act. This gothic-cum-industrial track has a hint of the south to establish a stellar balance of disparate elements, all while Devour the Day pound listeners with furious screams and tight percussion. Reckless is brought to an entirely new plateau with the sheer emotionality that is brought to the track by the vocals and instruments. It is this unite of sound that provides listeners with the inspiration that they need to complete the album.

Make sure to check out the band’s website for more information about their tour dates and any subsequent releases. Devour the Day create a tremendously effecting title, and I feel that this linkage of rock, punk, emotive rock, and metal will be appreciated by anyone that happens upon Time & Pressure. Pick a copy of the CD up from any well-stocked independent music store or from a variety of online retailers.

Top Tracks: You and Not Me, Get Out of My Way

Rating: 8.5/10

Devour the Day Time & Pressure CD Review / 2013 Self / 11 Tracks / www.devourtheday.comDevour-the-Day-Time-and-Pressure

Devour the Day Time & Pressure CD Review

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