Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Jinxes Send Me A Sign EP Review

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Send Me A Sign is a fun track that soars not only because of the two-part harmonies that are present, but also because of the fuzzy, warm backing that the Hammond establishes. The track could easily make it onto rock rotation, and entices listeners to continue with the titular EP.

If You Want (the buh bah song) allows the vocals to take double duty. Where there is a decidedly narrative component to Deanna and Kevin’s vocals, the titular utterances provide an additional level of complexity to the arrangement. If You Want may not be as outwardly catchy as Send Me A Sign, but I feel that listeners will be blown out of the water with this effort. Migration will immediately ensnare listeners due to the insistent vocals of Deanna. When Kevin’s vocals (and the instrumentation) swell soon after, Migration becomes indelibly imprinted in the minds and hearts of those following.

The final track on the Send Me A Sign EP is She Runs Away, a track that showcases that The Jinxes are continually refining and modifying their song. She Runs Away is a timeless effort, as the careful instrumentation could easily be enjoyed in the alt-rock charts of the late nineties as it is today. The strings laid down on this ending effort provide the perfect punctuation to what is a tremendous introduction to The Jinxes. Purchase a copy of the Send Me A Sign EP from the band’s Bandcamp ( or from any of their late dates. Here’s to hoping The Jinxes can benefit from the momentum that was created with the EP and parlay that into a similarly-rocking full-length.

Top Tracks: Send Me A Sign, She Runs Away

Rating: 8.4/10

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The Jinxes Send Me A Sign EP Review

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