Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Mohu Sky HD TV Outdoor Antenna Review


Mohu creates quality antennas for those individuals that, for whatever reason, require an antenna. The Sky HD TV Antenna can be purchased from around $170-190, and will be able to be mounted easily due to its design (similar to two boomerangs placed together) and its light weight (4.4 pounds). The Mohu Sky HD TV possesses a range considerably larger than similar antennae, with a 60 mile limit.

To ensure that the Mohu Sky HD TV can be mounted on practically any outdoor service, Mohu has included a bracketing set. This set allows for rapid and sturdy placement – nothing short of a storm will do anything to knock down or otherwise move the antenna. The composition of the Mohu Sky HD TV  antenna ensures that it will not attract lightning or be otherwise negatively impacted by severe weather. For those that possess an obstructed view or limited mounting space, the Mohu Sky HD TV antenna is multidirectional – signals will be able to be picked up no matter where the antenna gets placed. I thought I was going to have an issue with the quality of the Sky HD TV antenna’s reception owing to my placement in the middle of an apartment complex, but the reception that I received was uniformly stellar. Installing the antenna is simple, with few additional components beyond the antenna required.

Keep an eye out for other Mohu products in the months and years to come by looking on their website, Gomohu.com . When one considers that the price of cable can reach over $100 a month, an individual that purchases the Mohu Sky HD TV antenna will save money after around 50 days of owning the antenna.

Rating: 9.0/10

Mohu Sky HD TV Outdoor Antenna Review / www.gomohu.com

Mohu Sky HD TV Outdoor Antenna Review

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