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Moss Interview


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“Moss” CEO of C.U.F Gang Entertainment is a super-charged dynamic Artist/Entrepreneur who has his talented fingers on the pulse of urban entertainment, lifestyle, and fashion. He is CEO of C.U.F GANG Entertainment- which consists of aspiring and established music artists, producers, designers, promoters, models and other professionals. His company has a fashion clothing line in addition to a music division. Moss will be dropping HOBB CITY ( Hustle Or Be Broke) the mix-tape mid June, and a new album “Cash on Delivery” due out later  in 2013.

Tell us about when you first realized you would become an entertainer?


When I was 7 years old I played football for the Fort Stewart Cowboys in Georgia. Football was my first love, but it was also when I first became a performer on a stage. The football field was my first stage. It was in those early moments that I then realized that I could get paid and praised for my talents. I felt that I was the best at what I did and no one could tell me anything different. And just like with my music it came naturally, it was easy.

What makes your music unique and how would you describe your music to listeners?

My music presents the image of a real man, raised by the streets and telling his story. It’s what I like to call “street hop”- part hip-hop but in reality, it is more than hip hop, it is realer than hip hop. It’s for and from the streets.

HOBB City logo

My music is like an autobiography set to a melody.  Things I saw and did. I came from a broken home, my pops wasn’t always around.  I was raising my younger siblings and being the father. The streets raised me, good and bad, and I learned everything from them. My music reflects that. Listeners can expect to hear this “street hop” reality.

What would you say is your biggest inspiration for being an artist and the entrepreneur that you’ve become?   

In one of my recent songs, “Reflections of a Hustler” I answered that question -I don’t do it for the love, I do it solely for my sons sake. I want to give my sons something to look up to and set a foundation of a strong man as an example for them. To stay out of jail and take a more positive approach at life.

Music is also my therapy. No matter what the situation is and what I’m going thru, I can always find release thru my music.

Who are some of your top musical influences and what artist would you compare yourself to?  

I was raised listening to old Soul and R&B music like the Commodores and Stylistics, Smokey Robinson, Isley Brothers, those artist molded me to LOVE music. Every melody, every lyric, every sho-woop. But as I grew older my attention was grabbed by the likes of Jay-Z, Snoop, Tupac, Jadakiss. And, more recently I’ve been inspired by Pushta T of the Clipse and Joe Buddens. After seeing his TV show I was able to see his life behind his music and that  is someone who I can relate to. What he raps about, I have seen and been there. It is not about what you can see or read about, but it is about what you can relate to. The Jay-Z or Nas lifestyle is not one that I can relate to, but the life of someone like Pusha T, is what I know.

 I saw how Pusha T tried to go mainstream but he was so hood that he could not cross over. If he had changed, he no longer would be true to himself, just as I feel about myself. Even without the money I would still do the same things. Telling my story, the truths, is where my passion lies. He convinced me that he was the same type of man and stayed constant.  I can respect him.

Is there any particular song of yours that really stands out as your personal favorite or most memorable?

“Airplanes”…it is a walk down memory lane, enough to make a grown man cry. It tells the story of when I went and talked to my Pops and spoke to him as a man. Some of the realest emotion I have ever felt but on a track.  “Pops, I am already grown, it’s hard to be like a man that I have never known. It’s hard to change the pic of this man that I have drawn, but I open up my arms like welcome to my home”… The lyrics speak for themselves.

Moss-Airplanes (Remake)

What are your immediate music career goals?

Right now I’m working on putting out a mix-tape HOBB City that will have alot of my own songs on it.  Later this year I’ll be dropping a full album “Cash on Delivery”. I’m going to flood the people with so much music they have no choice but to listen. Love it or hate it, they will be forced to listen. My only goal is to stay relevant. Get in the game and stay relevant, until I decide that I don’t want to do this anymore.

You’re the CEO of your own company-tell us about the C.U.F Gang Organization and how that relates to your music?

“C.U.F. Gang Entertainment represents a lifestyle of hard work, loyalty and success. As entrepreneurs, we only have one rule to live by….we need our Cash Up Front…and no time later”.

In 2009 me and my partner Shauni Garrett , felt that it was important to create a branding strategy that set ourselves apart from what everyone else is doing. There are a lot of artists that have clothing labels, and, clothing labels that sponsor artists. But we are our own brand. We have taken ourselves and created a visual element that reflects our music and characteristics.  People can check out our gear at

What’s the one thing you want fans to take away from Moss the Artist & CEO of C.U.F Gang Entertainment?

C.U.F Gang is a “Movement”. I represent a team of go-getters who are not stagnant or complacent; we will not stop moving until we reach our goals. We move together, united in loyalty, and we will keep on moving until CUF Gang is a respected and known entity. Me, I will tell you no lies. You can follow me every day in my life and know that I don’t have to be the greatest rapper alive, just the realest.

My music presents the image of a real man, raised by the streets and telling his story…..anything other than that is just speculation.

How can fans connect with you? MEDIA KIT .  For booking  Music Performances, Fashion Shows, or collaborations- Email – or For media inquiries contact Urban Starz Media & P.R c/o Lashun Turner (951) 665-8365




Moss Interview

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