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Interviewing AMORE'


AMORE’ has been described as “a living legend in the making”. She is an award winning Urban Alternative R&B, self proclaimed “SOULSTRESS”. The former California Regional R&B “Artist of the Year” is a 28 year old singer songwriter performer with a sultry voice style that will touch & consume anyone with ears & hearts. She is up & coming in the Los Angeles area music scene  having  performed at various shows & venues, such as the National Orange Show, Hollywood Park Pavilion, Celebrity Centre (Hollywood),to name a few. She performed with Jazz Icon Barbara Morrison at the Monterey Blues Jazz Festival and also opened for Klymaxx, El Debarge, Ginuwine, and Dwelle.  With her drive at an all time high, AMORE’ is poised to make major moves in the music industry. Her current album in the works is “Chronicles Of Love”.

When did you first realize your musical talents?

I’ve always had this little songbird inside. I’ve been singing ever since I can remember speaking words. I joined my first choir Johnsons Mass Choir when i was 8yrs old while attending St. John the Evangelist school in Los Angeles Ca. My true fate was revealed at 12 years old, when I recorded for the first time in a professional studio. When I heard my voice back through the headphones I was sold that singing was the one thing I loved almost more than life itself. I am a storyteller and the mic is my pen.


Do you write your lyrics or play any instruments?


I actually do write my music and I also have a handful of talented writers and musicians that I collaborate with on creating my vibe. I used to play clarinet in my middle school marching band (lol) those were the days, but, I was more passionate about singing and creating a new sound with my voice. I am now interested in learning to play the guitar so I think i’m going to add that under my belt soon.

What is your inspiration when you write & sing?

I am inspired by many different elements of life. Energy of the universe and people in general inspire me. Being a lover at heart brings out a certain passion when I sing.  All storylines have their differences and I find that quite interesting.  I love to learn and explore the variations & come up with my own interpretation and relay that in my music.                                         

What makes your music unique?

I think my music is unique because I have my own sound and style. My voice is touched  with a bit of rasp and is so heart filling that when you hear me getting down on one of those from the gut emotionally pouring out songs you feel as though I’m  speaking these words you’ve always thought about but never said. And then I’ll throw another personality into the mix, break that up with some fun & spice and give you something you can move to, sing to, and just have fun with.

             Is there any particular song of yours that stands out as your personal favorite?  

My song Showstoppa is my favorite. I really feel when I wrote this song I truly found myself as an artist & as a woman. The song represents how I stand as a strong and sexy, yet classy ambitious woman who would stop at nothing to reach my dreams.  It’s also a crowd favorite when I go out and perform. It’s like an anthem song that others can get into.

What image does your music convey, what’s the one thing you want fans to take from your songs?

My music conveys a real woman taking the journey of life’s battles, ups and downs, love, changes, & coming into her own as a vixen and role model. It’s expression through vibrations of melodic melodies from the heart that tap dance on your soul to move the Showstoppa within you. I want fans to be inspired to find that true awesome person within, and know that it’s ok for them to be the original you . 

What’s up next for AMORE’ what can we expect?

 2013 is GO time! My goal is to be heard and make my mark in this business. I’m working on an album right now that will be dropping later this year. I’m also launching my brand new website where fans can connect and stay updated on everything.   One day I would like to have the honor of being part of an historical event or venue such as the Apollo and Essence Festival. The sky is the limit and I am going to let God be the captain. I know he has great plans for me so you can expect great things to come from AMORE’.


How are you reached for booking or collaborations?

You can reach me by email or by contacting Vision Quest Management c/oDeborah Hall Lindsey  (951) 221-7469 . Media inquiries to Lashaun Turner @ Urban Starz Media & P.R (951) 665-8365. PRESS KIT@


Interviewing AMORE'

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