Sunday, June 16, 2013

Clip DVD Review


Clip is a DVD that focuses on the seedy underbelly of eastern Europe, all while making the actions taken by Jasna (Isidora Simojonivic) commonplace to anyone that has had to deal with the troubles of being a teenager. Fans of Skins, Trainspotting, and Kids will be able to sink their teeth into Clip. Viewers will be shocked at the lengths that Jasna will go to run away from the tumultuous swirl of emotions that comprise the pubescent years. The cast seems to mesh together better than on many films; there is a frenetic energy that is captured that would be impossible to merely act. One gets a sense that by the end of the Clip filming that there were bonds created between each of the film’s characters. As Jasna’s life continues to spiral away from eir, Clip takes a considerably darker turn. Milos does a tremendous job in showcases the negative ramifications of Jasna’s actions, and does not provide the sort of anti-hero feel that permeates a great deal of cinema focusing on the issues of young adults.


Clip comes with a few bonus features. This means that there are trailers for the film, a booklet that goes into detail about Cluip, and an interview set up with director Maja Milos. I feel that the interview is absolutely integral for anyone that wishes to get the backstory behind the film.

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Rating: 8.3/10

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Clip DVD Review

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