Saturday, June 29, 2013

Newland Volume 3 Mixtape CD Review


There is a high amount of energy that is present on this mixtape, and a considerable portion of that comes from the work of DJ Malone. Where the most common mixtapes around have DJs touting themselves at the expense of the songs that listeners want to hear, there is a much more organic feel to the compilation of cuts here. What DJ Malone Productions does here is blend the hottest hits (We Up, Memories Back Then, No New Friends) with some absolutely scorching new tracks (Bravo Starr – Watch It Add Up, Mays – You Mad). The flow of the mixtape will keep a party lively, representing a wide array of distinct rap genres.

Newland Volume 3 is a mixtape that helps the up and coming rappers by  placing them front and center (rather than at the ending) of the disc. By doing this, the inimitable styles of Tenf Letta (I’m Riding) and B-Stacks (Ironic) can be heard by a completely new audience. Newland Volume 3 also succeeds as it does not veer into the more experimental efforts of rappers – the tracks present here are absolutely catchy, are the songs that listeners want to hear, and may otherwise be hard to hear (Beyonce’s H-town remix of I’ve Been On).

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Top Tracks: 50 Cent Featuring Kendrick Lamar – We Up, Mays – You Mad

Rating: 9.3/10

Newland Volume 3 Mixtape CD Review / 2013 Self / 17 Tracks /

Newland Volume 3 Mixtape CD Review

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