Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Schiek Platinum Model 540 Lifting Gloves Review


The Schiek Platinum Model 540 Lifting Gloves (priced at around $40) will allow individuals to protect their hands from the rigors of heavy weight training. The Amara synthetic leather that comprise the Model 540s is fashionable while possessing durability in droves. I am a fan of the adjustable wrist wraps, which can be tightened or loosened based on the specific  exercises one is doing. For example, I make sure to have a close fit when I am doing cleans.

The 540s are able to be washed, ensuring that the funks that usually occur after a few workout sessions will not be present. One has to make sure that they attach the Velcro patch on the glove to the wrist wrap so that the material does not interact with the mesh on the topside of the hand. The presence of FINS ensure that one will be able to easily remove the Model 540s, even if the user’s hands are swelled up.

The build quality of the Platinum Model 540 gloves will ensure that individuals are able to utilize them for years before needing to have them replaced. Make sure to visit the Schiek website for further information about their product lines and the ability to purchase directly from the company. For those individuals that are concerned about the quality of the Model 540 gloves, Schiek offers a full one-year warranty on the pair.

Rating: 9.3/10


Schiek Platinum Model 540 Lifting Gloves Review /

Schiek Platinum Model 540 Lifting Gloves Review

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