Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bacardi Dragon Berry (Rum)

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I was skeptical when I first received this rum for review. I’m not a big fan of Strawberry, whether flavored naturally or artificially. I’m not sure if it the inclusion of the Dragonfruit flavor or the care given the spirit by Bacardi, but they were able to make a solid rum that showcases its flavoring well. The nose of the spirit is similarly interesting: rather than having the Strawberry flavor creep out of the bottle, a quick wafting of the spirit’s fragrance comes forth as a blend of the two present flavors. Despite the spirit’s high proof content (70 proof, or 35% alcohol by volume), it slides quite well into a shot role.

The recipes that Bacardi comes up with for the Dragon Berry Rum provides a number of interesting variants and completely new drinks. Beyond the somewhat simple (Dragon Berry & Sprite and Dragon Berry & Lemonade), there are some intricate drinks that showcase different (And exciting facets of the Dragon Berry). If an individual wants to have a refreshing drink, all that needs to be done is a Dragon Berry Nectar, which marries Dragon Berry and Coconut rum with simple syrup, lime juice, blackberries and raspberries into something that is as sweet as its name. Mix the spirit with rum, triple sec, tequila, or amaretto and the results will be considerably different but will be linked together through the same impressive quality granted the drink by the spirit itself.

Bacardi has done the spirits world a service by coming forth with a challenging spirit that does not try to take up the flavors that have been previously to death: I would love to see different variants in this vein released by Bacardi in the years to come. I am sure that they will sell well and provide countless other types of drinks that could conceivably become the “next big thing”. If you want your taste buds rocked in ways that they have not previously been, make it a point to pick up Bacardi Dragon Berry at your local liquor store. The spirit will not disappoint.

Rating: 8.6/10

Bacardi Dragon Berry (Rum) / 70 Proof / www.bacardi.com/us/products/

Bacardi Dragon Berry (Rum)

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