Saturday, March 30, 2013

Rotten Sound Still Psycho EP Review

6 song EP, were founded in Finland in 1993. This is the sixth release by these guys, and the first on Necropolis records. They are a five piece band, and the CD Is definitely too short, as there are six songs in a 16 minute block. That comes out to about 2:40 a song. Very fast tempo on these songs, with unintelligible lyrics and killer guitars. Rotten Sound practically rivals Cannibal Corpse in the speed department, with guttural vocals to match. “Ignorance” begins much more melodic before regressing into more of the some super speed metal. The only thing that this song has of note is the stomping chorus that they have, in which the singers voice can almost be understood. While a new bassist is being touted on the CD cover (Mika Hakki), who replaces Pakka Ranta, who left to move to Helsinki, the capital city of Finland, you can barely hear him. Rotten Sound is another of the European metal bands that already have gained serious recognition relatively early in their years, like the Hellacopters, Gluecifer, and Hypocrisy. By their eighth year they have release their third full length album, numerous EP’s and toured countless other times, so no one can say that this band does not try. “Lack of Awareness” is by far the most radio friendly song that Rotten Sound has on this mini cd, with a slower tempo and much less brutal guitars. Don’t get me wrong there, their music still kicks the ass of a good 90% of all of the metal bands out there now, but it just is a light song for Rotten Sound. I still can not tell if the lead singer is singing in English or in another language To properly finish of this cd, a cover of Carcass’ “Reek of Putrefaction” is on here. The track is very well played, with a much cleaner sound then the rest of Rotten Sound’s song.

Rating 6.4/10

Rotten Sound-“Still Psycho” EP

Rotten Sound Still Psycho EP Review

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