Thursday, March 28, 2013

THE MOTH GATHERER unveils a video for "A Falling Deity"

Progressive/Experimental rockers with a strong emotional touch and ambitious message behind the riffs – Sweden’s THE MOTH GATHERER – have unveiled a video clip for “A Falling Deity” song, the album closing track. Directed and produced by Tommy Pedersen, the video can be customised up 1080p HD format at You Tube.

“It’s kinda David Lynch-like. Very slow, very haunting. We want to create a feeling, something that makes the viewer think. Death is not entertainment, death hurts.” - commented the band. The clip can be seen here:

“A Falling Deity” song has been shortened for the needs of the video. The original version of the song that appears on the album is over 8 minutes long. THE MOTH GATHERER‘s debut album entitled “A Bright Celestial Light” will hit the shops on CD, LP and Digital on April 16th worldwide via Agonia Records.


1. The Water That We All Come To Need

2. Intervention

3. A Road of Gravel and Skulls

4. The Womb, The Woe, The Woman

5. A Falling Deity

Two previously revealed songs can be streamed here:

“A Road of Gravel and Skulls”
“The Womb, The Woe, The Woman”

THE MOTH GATHERER‘s music is hard to label, due to band’s non-one-dimensional approach towards the songs they create; the Experimental/Progressive etiquette seems almost too laconic to fully do justice to the spirit of the compositions. The debut offers up long and complex tracks, but still surprisingly simple and compelling. Abundance of tempo changes and variations that surround the album bask in emotionally charged, progressive yet utterly melodic slower-sections, addictive enough to stimulate the imagination.

THE MOTH GATHERER unveils a video for "A Falling Deity"

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