Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Melbourne hip-hop artist Leegit's visually striking new video

Leegit (aka Lee Lambert) announces the first video from his soon to be released debut album ‘I Am Leegit‘ on Smash Box Records. As you’d expect from the subject matter the promo for ‘Trippin With My Shades On’ is bedecked in vibrant colours and a sense of disorientation as Leegit struggles to come to terms with being stuck ‘at the bottom of the bottle again‘. But salvation is at hand as Leegit realises that the only way to prove himself is to kick the booze.

Leegit displays his full range of honed emcee skills on the Castar produced ‘Trippin With My Shades On’ and his continual pushing of the boundaries is evidenced by his use of Gregorian chants. So even when things look bleak as Leegit is shown in various states of inebriation those celestial voices invite us to believe that salvation is close at hand.

Leegit has arrived here following previous releases with friend Gorgs (The Urban Chill), a solo produced mixtape (Menace To Society) and a multi-downloaded (10k and counting) street album with his group the Midnight Militia. The exposure from these releases has led to support slots with internationally recognised acts such as Kid Cudi, The Game, Bone Thugs n Harmony amongst others.

The video for ‘Trippin With My Shades On’ has already been making waves online on respected hip hop sites such as Streethop and Australian Hip Hop & Soul. Not only that but it has clocked up almost 25 thousand views on youtube. Watch it now!

Watch ‘Trippin With My Shades On’ on youtube here!

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