Thursday, March 28, 2013

Swing Session Saison Beer Review


Swing is a wonderful break from the masses of heavy or hoppy efforts that have been everywhere through the fall and winter. Swing, what Victory calls a “session Saison) is pegged at a 4.50% ABV. The hazy initial flow of Swing provides a decently large heads. Initial tastes that become prevalent here include citrus (orange, lemon) and coriander notes and bits of pepper, opening up into something that is ultimately drinkable. The session aspect (manifesting itself as a lower ABV than many Saisons) coupled with the bright and bold flavors of the beer ensures that individuals will be able to put away quite a few before their session ends.

As individuals continue to drink the Swing, a more grain / cereal flavor highlights the aforementioned citrus notes, creating a much more nuanced beer than many saisons currently on the market. Swing can be enjoyed on its own or paired with beef, lamb, or goat; I would venture that it would blend well with seasoned fish. The distinctive flavor of Swing makes into an effort that any fan of saisons or of beers generally should search out whenever they can.

Check out the Victory website for more information about where Swing (and the brewery’s other efforts) can be purchased, along with the dates that their seasonal beers can be purchased.

Rating: 8.1/10

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Swing Session Saison Beer Review

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