Saturday, March 30, 2013

Boundless Potential with Mark Walton DVD Review

Mark Walton is a tremendous resource when it comes to keep individuals active and lively when it comes to their occupation. During Boundless Potential, Walton is able to showcase the steps that individuals need to take to make themselves out to be great hires in this current, post-recession economy. With a greater segment of the workforce possessing a college education, those older workers need to ensure that they are not passed over. I believe the way in which Walton captures this phenomenon on the Boundless Potential DVD will allow viewers to easily understand the information that is provided while maintaining their interest throughout. The feature runs for the entirety of an hour, which captures the major points of Walton while leaving considerable room open for additional volumes of this series.

Walton wants viewers to re-evaluate their life. By moving beyond mere shifts in resumes and increasing familiarity with computers to taking complete stock of one’s life, the shifts that this older segment of workers will take makes sure that they can become employed when they want. Ultimately, this could leads to finding the job that one wishes to end their career with; the individual, rather than the occupation, will determine this.

The DVD comes with additional features which include a set of further Boundless Potential pieces; this DVD should be required watching for those individuals that wish to make the most out of their middle years. Make sure to purchase a copy of Boundless Potential at the PBS shop, to best prepare yourself for the uncertainty that will exist if one’s occupation is unable to be supported.

Rating: 9.1/10

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Boundless Potential with Mark Walton DVD Review

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