Thursday, September 12, 2013

Game Changer Release Debut EP

Mind Equals Blown - Game Changer might be relatively unknown, but their mix of crisp pop-punk with strong vocals is sure to please fans of anyone from Title Fight to The Wonder Years.


AMH NetworkThe band have only been together for a few months forming at a local The Wonder Years show, however, if Three Years is anything to go by, they will be a band to keep an eye out for in years to come.



Band Bio 

Game Changer are a pop punk five piece hailing from the musical hotbed of Illinois. Rather than allow themselves to be caught up in trends or fall foul of whatever the kids are buying into these days, the band play what they are passionate about – straight up pop-punk. Combining the energy of bands like Man Overboard and The Story So Far with the catchiness of New Found Glory and The Glory Days, Game Changer write the perfect summer jams whilst managing to connect with their audience. Game Changer are here to.. wait for it.. change the game. 



Game Changer is: JR Glyman- Vocals

Jake Newling – Drums

Logan Lundgren – Guitar

Josh Payne – Guitar

Nick Collis – Bass