Sunday, September 1, 2013

Strong Language DVD


Strong Language is a nearly forgotten mockumentary, directed by Simon Rumley, that provides US viewers in 2013 a look into what was popular and hip in 1990s London. The video quality of this release is sharp and vibrant, allowing those watching to easily compare the differences, both minor and major between what is portrayed in Strong Language and their own unique context. While relying on over the top characterizations and archetypes painted with a broad brush, Rumley is still basing Strong Language off of real persons, institutions, and the like.

Existing in a weird era, between This Is Spinal Tap and Best in Show, Strong Language is a delightful film. As the 1990s continue to move further back into the collective mindset, this film will become increasingly more relevant. The release contains a number of featurettes, key of which has to be a commentary laid down by Rumley eirself. A further context for the inspirations of characters and real-life tethers are provided to viewers, while a photo gallery captures additional looks into the United Kingdom of twenty years ago.

Jinga Films (distributed by MVD in the United States) has released Strong Language alongside other Simon Rumley titles; look for Strong Language, The Truth Game, and Club Le Monde at any well-stocked online or independent video store. One can expect to spend around $10-16 for each DVD.

Rating: 8.4/10

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