Sunday, September 8, 2013

Zero To Sixty Never – We Work Together...We Die Together


Man, sometimes CDs have a look that is completely unlike the style or substance of the band that resides inside. This is the case with Zero To Sixty Never who come out with this EP in a black and white CD slipcover, and then proceed to come out with “My Julia Roberts Cameo”. In the vein of Unwritten law or New Found Glory, albeit with a twinge of more current emo music, Zero To Sixty Never almost has too many things going off at any part of this tracks. Lets see, at one time on this track, the guitars, drums, synth, two vocals and more come firing. In what is a logical leap from “My Julia Roberts Cameo”, the more driven “The Bestsellers Make The Best Sellouts” has a sound that again belies its humble coverings; I guess the moral of the store hear is to never, ever judge something by its cover. One thing does come out during this track, and the fact is that Zero To Sixty Never’s tracks are mixed extra-ordinarily loud, and much more mixed toward the high end of things (guitar and vocals), creating a minor echo that is really noticed first on this second track. Double-harmonics are again used to great success during this track, and the blistering Moog line that creeps on to the track makes this kin to current and upcoming all-stars like The Red Hot Valentines and Rise and Shine.

The halfway-spoken vocals on “Best Sellouts” seem almost crammed in too much in regards to the rest of the material on the track, but Zero To Sixty Never is able to moderate this influence and make it work. “Best Sellouts” shows their ability to fill an extended track convincingly with material, something that just can’t be charted during the sub-2:30 “Cameo”. Finishing off this EP with “Smiling Faces, Beautiful Places; The First In Flight”, Zero To Sixty Never really have been able in nine minutes to both take my breath away and then proceed to fuck my ears out. This mix of finesse and strength is no more evident than on this final track, a true balance of ying-yang, emo and punk that will never lose its luster, regardless of however many times one plays this disc. The only negative to come out of this, that the disc’s very short tracklist will be repeated about ten times from when it is stuck in the car to when one sees them live, which I can only presume will be one of the most energy-filled shows to ever be played.

Top Track: The Bestsellers Make The Best Sellouts

Rating: 7.7/10

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