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Fresh off a national tour with Mac Miller (they also served as his back band), Chance The Rapper, Action Bronson, and Earl Sweatshirt, The Internet is proud to share a stream of their second full-length album, Feel Good, which will be released via Odd Future Records on September 24th. The band has also launched a new clothing collection available via the Odd Future store here.

While The Internet’s first album, Purple Naked Ladies, consisted primarily of production and vocals, Feel Good sees founding members Matt Martians and Syd “The Kyd” expanding to a full band with a bolder, livelier sound steeped in Psychedelic Soul and Funk. Additionally, The Internet worked with a range of guest vocalists and musicians such as Mac Miller, Yuna, and Jesse Boykins the III. They also worked with producers such as Thundercat, Chad Hugo (The Neptunes), and Grammy-nominated guitarist and producer Mike Einziger.


About The Internet


The Internet is a soul band created by producer Matt Martians and lead vocalist Syd “The Kyd” of Odd Future. The two met via Myspace in 2008, and later became good friends when Matt moved from Atlanta to Los Angeles in February of 2011. They began their first project together in May of that year, and by December had released it as a full-length album entitled Purple Naked Ladies.


Syd, who started her career in music at 15 as a self-taught recording engineer and producer, had only begun to try to sing at the age of 16, when she produced and wrote a song called “Flashlight,” after which she wrote one more song before going on a three year writing hiatus. During those three years, she got deeper into the art of music production, began working primarily with Odd Future, mixed and mastered several Odd Future albums, and toured with OFWGKTA as their DJ. She started writing again when she and Matt began working on Purple Naked Ladies, which she is proud to say she wrote almost entirely on her own.


Matt, producer and primary illustrator behind all of The Internet’s work, started his career as a musician in college with a production group he named The Super 3, before the other two members ditched him and he decided to keep the name and pose as a three-man production team. Instead of posting pictures of himself, he’d draw the three original members as space habitants. After producing various tracks for almost every member of Odd Future as The Super Three, he left Atlanta to further pursue his career as a music producer.


Originally, Matt and Syd planned to release Purple Naked Ladies for free with very little promotion, and they never planned on performing it live. But after being persuaded by management to take the project more seriously, the two decided to release the album under Odd Future Records, making it the first album to be released under the label. The subject of live performances was daunting to Syd, who had just begun to sing, had never had a singing or vocal lesson, and wasn’t quite comfortable with her singing voice yet. So when talks of live performances got serious, Syd and Matt insisted on performing with a backing band instead of backing tracks, hoping it would take some of the pressure off of them on stage. So they teamed up with some of Syd’s old friends, Patrick Paige II (bass), Christopher Allan Smith (drums), and Tay Walker (keys) and turned The Internet into a band – a band that has in one year performed over 60 shows in North America and Europe…


The Internet just finished their second LP, a soul album entitled Feel Good, releasing in September on Odd Future Records. Speaking about the record, Syd said, “The album is a journey through funk and soul through the eyes of young adults trying to find their way.” The whole band helped produce it alongside Chad Hugo from The Neptunes and Grammy award winner Mike Einziger, who earned executive producer credit and even played guitar on a couple of songs. Chris and Patrick lay down live drums and bass on almost every track, as well as keys by Tay who is also featured vocally on the album twice. The sultry instrumentals are complemented by heartfelt lyrics from Syd and guest vocalists such as Yuna and Mac Miller. Together these parts coalesce to present a fuller, more dynamic sound that has evolved and matured significantly since their debut album. Ultimately, you’ll witness a group of good friends having a great time creating something they hope will stand the test of timeless music.

The Internet

Feel Good

(September 24th, Odd Future Records)


1. Tellem (Intro)

2. Sunset (feat. Yuna)

3. Dont’cha

4. You Don’t Even KNow (feat. Tay Walker)

5. Pupil | The Patience

6. Red Balloon

7. Cloud Of Our Own

8. Runnin’ (feat. Tay Walker)

9. Matts Apartment

10. Shadow Dance

11. Wanders Of The Mind (feat. Mac Miller)

12. Partners In Crime Part Two

13. Higher Times (feat. Jesse Boykins III)

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