Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Lyda The North Shore Review


The North Shore EP is a rare example of a shorter album providing listeners with a complete capturing of an act’s facets; listeners will be provided with a wide array of genres, influences, and types of music. The Quiet Things blends equal parts human and electronic, weaving a narrative for each through the tracks. When Lyda’s vocals kick into high gear, this impassioned approach to music shines brightly; The Quiet Things is a track that deserves airplay on any alternative or rap radio stations. Above Y’all is a track that speeds things up while keeping the same strong arrangements present. Lyda settles into a persistent and ultimately alluring flow during this track, with a lyrical quality that will inspire aspiring wordsmiths. The brief stop during the track highlights an impressive resumption by Lyda.

Seven Four is a more sedate and expansive effort, one which fans of Kid Cudi, Owl City or The Weeknd can appreciate. The ability of the vocals to achieve an instrumental quality makes this track even more cohesive. Faded Too Long utilizes Kanye-style production with a more trap-meets-MMG feel; the production swells and then recedes, allowing Lyda ample opportunity to shine.

Get It Now is the perfect track that straddles the line between harder rap and more approachable styles, with Lyda’s lyrics coming forth with hints of Drake, Tyga, and T-Lanez. The North Shore is consistently strong throughout, and represents a perfect introduction to Lyda; check out his Facebook for the latest news and the methods to pick up the EP.

Top Tracks: Get It Now, The Quiet Things

Rating: 8.7/10

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