Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Dream Logic Self-Titled CD Review


Quietly Freaky is a warm and inviting introduction for The Dream Logic, while the narrative brought will ensure that listeners stick around. The dynamic achieved by each of the instruments during Quietly Freak showcases another strength; the bass, drums, and guitars create a dense and fulfilling arrangement. What People Say continues to expand The Dream Logic’s palette as the band takes on bold new arrangements and a panoply of different styles.

Spooky Reaction is an epic six and a half minute romp through blues, jazz, and funk; the muted tones of the synthesizer, an emotive guitar, and on-point drums allows this track to resound long after the band has moved onto Emoco. Emoco switches things up considerably, from the variety of styles broached to the overall length of the composition (at 2:47, Emoco is the second shortest track on the album). Blending together hints of Genesis with Elvis Costello and Tom Petty, this track elicits memories of warm summer days. While having a very pop-influenced sound, Emoco maintains the same sort of quality and interesting arrangements that are present throughout the album.

Bad Deal is the final track on the album, and represents a solid ending to an album that is full of highlights. The Dream Logic is an act that creates a unique blend of jam band, blues, jazz, and rock while possessing a familiarity that keeps people listening . Make sure to purchase a copy of The Dream Logic directly from The Dream Logic, ( ). Visit their homepage ( ) for tour dates, pictures, and video footage of the band.

Top Tracks: Quietly Freaky, What People Say

Rating: 8.7/10

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