Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Class Reunion Interview

Introduce yourselves to our readers.

We are Shaggy Docious (vocals/guitar) and JAD (vocals/bass) of the Chicago-based band Class Reunion. Other members include Dave Cheesman on drums and Edgar Agosto on lead guitar.


JAD and Shaggy, you have known each other a long time.  When did the idea of creating a band first come to you?

Yes, JAD and I (Shaggy) first met in Art Class in 1983. Dave was also one of our classmates. The idea came when the three of us got together, one afternoon in May of 2007, for what supposed to be a one-time jam session. Dave, who was living in Tennessee at the time, suggested we start a band. Mark (aka Shaggy) came up with the name Class Reunion after commenting that this get together was indeed a class reunion.


Given one sentence, how would you define yourself as a band?

If I (JAD) had to sum it up in one sentence, we’re a Classic-Rock-Alternative-Pop band.


What were the most challenging and fun tracks to play out and about on Live @ The Elbo Room, Chicago?

We cannot say that any of the tracks were challenging, but what we can say is that they all were fun to play. Not only the original songs, but the cover songs were just as fun to play. Our favorites are the Tom Petty songs and the Beatles’ songs.


On Reverbnation, you have 50% of your sales going to Sweet Relief.  What is Sweet Relief?

Sweet Relief has served the music community by helping musicians with medical and living expenses including insurance premiums, prescriptions, medical treatment and operative procedures, housing costs, food costs, utilities and other basic necessities.


You have released a number of albums each year since 2009.  How do you keep such a rapid pace of fresh music?

Apart from the songs that I (JAD) have written, although not many, Mark (Shaggy) has a whole catalog of songs he has written since high school. So, we are never really out of material.


What has been your most memorable live experience?

The most memorable live experience is when we do Open-Mics. People seem to enjoy live music when the band makes you feel at home, instead of feeling like you would if you had to pay a band to play.


What accomplishments as a band would you like to receive before you call it a day?

Any accomplishments made before we call it a day, is knowing that we can get through one recording session in one piece knowing that we have nailed each note and chord.


How do individuals find the latest news and music from Class Reunion?

They can go on Youtube, Facebook, ReverbNation, Twitter and just about any other website we have our music on.


Do you have any other words to say to NeuFutur’s readers?

Yes, check out our music on ReverbNation. Look at our videos on Youtube. Find us on Facebook. Just listen and enjoy. Plus, we are available for private parties…ha ha ha ha haha ha.