Sunday, July 13, 2014

Tommy Roumanas She Keeps Me (Rockin’) Single

She Keeps Me (Rockin’) is the second single from Canada’s Tommy Roumanas, and it presents listeners with some of the most intricate and intimate thoughts ever committed to tape. The track is raw and visceral, all while still having a very radio friendly approach. The production of the track allows the vocals, guitars, and drums equal opportunities to shine. Roumanas’ vocals builds off of the work of Buckcherry and Dexter Holland’s vocals from The Offspring.


The track will tattoo itself deep upon the psyche of anyone listening in, while the mélange of different styles and approaches that Tommy takes here means that there is considerable replay value for the cut. The track subtly shifts throughout its three and a half minute run time, allowing for a much more gritty and guitar-laden effort. The solo that demarcates the last third of the track keeps the momentum high, while the precipitous drop to Tommy’s vocals will keep listeners on the edges of their seats. She Keeps Me (Rockin’) is a track that rocks from beginning to end without ever seeming complacent or constant; it is this spontaneity that will rocked Roumanas to the top of rock rotation charts worldwide.

Make sure to visit Roumanas’ website for more information about live dates, subsequent singles, and additional biographical information. Interested listeners can find Tommy’s initial single effort, Hard Rain and locate some clips of Tommy’s interviews from the last few years.

Rating: 8.7/10

Tommy Roumanas She Keeps Me (Rockin’) Single / 2014 Pacific Records /