Monday, July 21, 2014

Lutenants Your Rays Review

The tropic feel of this track is bolstered through a lively sound that is infectious enough to keep bouncing around listeners’ heads for months after the initial listen, allowing listeners to have a sunny disposition whenever the track pops up on their iTunes or mp3 player. The production is stellar, ensuring that the cut is ready for pop rotation. Everything is perfectly in place for the first half of the track, while an extended instrumental interlude showcases the overall skill and ability of the backing band.



By shifting things ever so slightly, the three-plus minutes of this track come and go with the greatest of ease. The different vocal elements of Your Rays keep things fresh, while a similarly intense instrumentation provide a certain fullness to the track. This track is for fans of Magic System, Bunji Garlin, and Ken Marlon Charles but goes far beyond the Soca style as pop adherents will find much more to appreciate here. Make sure to visit the Lutenants’ website for more information and for the latest in information about the act.

Rating: 9.0/10

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