Monday, July 7, 2014

Spinning Mule Robust Porter


Spinning Mule Robust Porter is the latest special release from Texas’s Cedar Creek Brewing. We sampled a sixteen ounce can. The beer pours incredibly dark (brownish-black), which poured with a persistent mocha / tan head. Definitely coffee and chocolate elements to Spinning Mule, an inclusion which gives the beer (and the porter style) a much-needed kick; there is a nice effervescence to this effort that helps establish the “robust” side to Spinning Mule. As the beer continues to warm up, the overall constellation of factors changes up – sweeter and more coffee-heavy notes become commonplace. The beer yields panoply of elements aside from those present on the onset, as well – a blend of molasses, prunes, plums, and figs are enough to provide additional complexity to the beer. The presence of cereal and malt elements at the edging of each sip acts as a palette refresher, making it incredibly easy to drain a can (or two) over the course of a night.


Visit the Cedar Creek website for more information about the brewery, their seasonal (and year-round) efforts, and attempt to locate Spinning Mule at your earliest convenience. The brewery’s Facebook – – contains the latest in news and brews.


Rating: 9.2/10


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