Monday, July 28, 2014

Sonali Wake Up EP Review

Wake Up is the first track on Sonali’s new EP, and it provide listeners with a confident female singer-songwriter that deftly blends together country, oughts pop, and wraps up the resulting track with a production that immediately establishes the track as one that could easily make it onto radio rotation. Who We Are links together vocals and guitars to make for a wide-open composition replete with lyrics that will stick around with listeners long after the track has ceased.4PAN1T

The track’s shifts in tempo will keep listeners on the edges of their seats, all while Sonali continues to create a style that will appease fans of nineties, oughts, and current pop and alternative music genres. Find Your Way slows things up and showcases the softer and more tender side of Sonali, with the track speaking volumes to anyone that has loved and lost their other half. When the instrumentation builds up, the resulting fullness of the track allows the composition to be one of the most memorable on the Wake Up EP. September is the final track on the Wake Up EP, representing a stellar inclusion to the overall styles and genres broached during this release while providing fans with a good idea where Sonali may yet go on subsequent releases. The presence of a male set of vocals establishes a wholly different sound from that heard on Wake Up, while the instrumentation unites the track with the rest of the release’s brethren.

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Top Tracks: Wake Up, Who We Are

Rating: 9.0/10

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