Monday, July 28, 2014

Western Education Let Your Secrets Out CD Review

Peace is a high energy track that links together emotive rock, Franz Ferdinand, New Order, and the Psychedelic Furs. With a deft blending of electronic and raw human emotion, the music that is crafted on Let Your Secrets Out is impressive. With each side of the band chugging away at high gear, the band will have the minds and hearts of listeners by the end of the introductory track on Let Your Secrets Out.


I Can’t Heal keeps thing quick as the vocals are given a spotlight. The guitars do their duty in establishing further narrative, while the rest of the instruments fill the gaps to create a wall of sound that will ultimately destroy anyone listening in. There is nary a place to breathe on Let Your Secrets Out, something is shown quite clearly during Ashes and Sea. While Ashes and Sea has more tender moments, the ferocity that bubbles underneath the twinkly instrumental arrangements keeps the momentum of Let Your Secrets Out while further bolstering the band’s deep palette.

Western Education slows things down with Lost Art, a track that would work perfectly in any eighties movie (e.g. Breakfast Club, The Chocolate War). The usage of darkly brilliant synthesizers during this track provides the perfect counterpoint to the soaring dual-part vocals of the track. Ideal Situation is a track that slides in nicely to the works of bands like Chromeo or late-career Good Charlotte; this disco-esque romp keeps things happy and bouncy even as a forlorn sadness creeps into the background. Let Your Secrets Out is currently available on iTunes. Visit the band’s Facebook or domain for more information about this album, live dates, or further information.

Top Tracks: I Can’t Heal, Ashes and Sea

Rating: 8.8/10

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