Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Harlequins Enigma Night Wing Review

Night Wing is a track that touches upon electronic music in a fashion that blends together equal amounts Kraftwerk, Can, Klaus Schulze and Herbie Hancock. The track contains a substantial narrative component that shines through in its instrumental state. The effort reaches out over a seven minute period, allowing Harlequins Enigma ample opportunity to showcase their skills in arrangement and musical ability.



When the time signature becomes more complex, the track is given a new lease on life. It is this attention to detail that provides Night Wing with such replay potential. The other contriburtor to this high replay value is the density of the track; with each subsequent listen, fans will be able to pick out other twists and turns that Harlequins Enigma has placed. The rapid uptick in tempo ensures that listeners will stick with the composition from beginning to end, while the driving percussion will tattoo itself deep into the minds, hearts, and psyches of fans.

Visit Harlequins Enigma’s website for the latest in information about the act’s releases, the ability to purchase their music, and biographical information to provide further insight about Night Wing and the rest of the act’s repertoire.

Rating: 8.7/10

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