Saturday, August 16, 2014

Able Danger Escape Single Review

The ferocity of the opening of Escape is something that will immediately draw listeners in, while the initial vocal work provides a considerable level of variety to the track. Able Danger creates a style of rock that touches upon the work of Amy Lee (Evanescence) and Nightwish, while having enough hooks and melodies placed into the track to make a serious play for radio play.


The production of Escape is absolutely perfect, allowing each constituent element of the band ample opportunity to shine. Nikki’s vocals are placed front and center, but the rich guitar work, ropy bass lines, and spot-on drumming create a solid backdrop on which they can shine. The band is able to cover considerable musical ground with this track, touching upon rock, heavy metal, grunge, and progressive with the greatest of ease. Escape has considerable replay value, as the resulting composition is some of the densest and most thought-out we have heard. Of particular note in the second half of the track has to be the guitar work; the riffs take on a sizzling solo sound while still contributing to the overall all-in feel of the track. Taken together, each of the elements contributing to Escape make for a tremendous track that will stick deep in the minds and hearts of listeners no matter what styles or genres which they would normally listen.

Make sure to visit their website for further information about the band, the ability to hear their music, and the most current and up to date news. If Able Danger is able to continue crafting music in the same vein as Escape, their future will be incredibly bright.

Rating: 8.3/10

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