Saturday, August 9, 2014

Watch Free Concerts with the Yahoo! Live service

Yahoo! Live is a new services that was created via the partnership of Yahoo! And LiveNation. The service has a lofty goal – to broadcast a concert every day for the course of a year. This means that a wide array of artists have had sets recorded in a way that twenty years ago simply would not be possible. I recall the days of dubbed to dubbed live recordings that sounded worse than fuzzy radio, and to be provided with incredible video and audio footage over an internet connection is something that is incredibly ahead of the curve.

As someone that has been covering music since the late nineties, I feel that one of the biggest barriers for fans of a band have been actually going to see a band live. While the artist is able to create tracks for studio albums, the livre experience really is the way to see the band as they truly are. By providing free access to these concerts, the Yahoo! Live service provides considerable benefit to fans of bands for a variety of genres. In the next few weeks, concerts from OK Go (August 14th), Linkin Park (August 15th), the Goo Goo Dolls (August 17th) and John Legend (August 20th) will be going live on the service. The wide variety of genres and levels of fame covered by Yahoo! Live means that fans of all ages will be able to find live sets from their favorite artists and bands / acts that are new and exciting.

The concerts that are hosted on Yahoo! Live are only available for a limited period of time – 24 hours – so ensuring that you have an active bookmark to the service is essential. I personally missed sets from The Toadies, Daughtry, Toad the Wet Sprocket, and Gogol Bordello.