Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Breath of Life A Sacred Earth Collection CD Review

Sacred Earth have released a number of titles that have expanded what listeners can expect from world music. The Way Home’s Om Namah Shivaya is a thoughtful start to Real Music’s latest compilation, Breath of Life. The nearly nine-minute track allows listeners to meditate and get into a fruitful mindspace. The subtle shifts in styles that are present during this track will keep listeners focused for the entirety of the track.  Dancing Shiva’s Divine Devotion utilizes a duality of flute and percussion, establishing a narrative that is weaved throughout. The very natural and organic instrumentation here link nicely to the vocal element that because dominant at points during the composition.

Bhakti is represented well. Bhakti Heenam is a treat, providing listeners with a tremendously personal arrangement that stretches over seven minutes.  Inyan’s self-titled track uses momentum to keep listeners on their toes, while the sheer array of contributions to the track keep the compilation’s energy level high as the second half of Breath of Life begins.

Jai Ma Kali (taken from Call to The Divine) is a more lively track and dovetails nicely with Pamanyungan’s Ra & Temu Hammakis. Ra & Temu Hammakis provide a very detailed approach that establishes a vibrant description of outdoors while ensuring that listeners are able to maintain a constant and fulfilling mind set. Breath of Life ends with Call to the Divine’s Wink, a track that seems like a microcosm of the variety of styles and approaches that Sacred Earth had taken through the composition. Make sure to visit the Real Music website for additional information about Breath of Life, the label’s release schedule and links to each performer.

Top Tracks: Om Namah Shivaya (from The Way Home), Ra & Temu Hammakis (from Pamanyungan)

Rating: 9.0/10

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