Thursday, August 14, 2014

Genius Stereo USB Powered Speakers

Laptops have traditionally had poor or otherwise underpowered speakers. This means that individuals that are trying to watch video will have to be right up on the laptop, making it difficult if not impossible to hear dialogue properly. The sub-$20 Genius Stereo USB Powered Speakers are a perfect addition for the laptop bag. The speakers are incredibly light and have a number of distinct colors (for those looking to match), while the speakers themselves are tremendously easy to connect. One just needs to plug two cables into their laptop – one goes in the headphone port, while the speakers’ power comes from the USB. The SP-U115s are perfect for watching videos, playing video games, and for small get-togethers. Versatile, cheap, and durable, these speakers would be perfect for children, college-aged adults, and for those overnight trips where the hotel’s cable leaves something to be desired.

Look to spend about $20 on these speakers. The plastic used by Genius is durable and will take a thorough beating, while the volume control allows for perfect tuning in to the right aural level. Visit the Genius website for more information about their products and for news about efforts coming down the line.

Rating: 8.5/10


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