Sunday, August 17, 2014

Class Reunion Feature

Class Reunion is an act that has been around in some form or another since 2007. The constituent members of Class Reunion have known each other for a considerably longer time, meeting at high school in 1983. The act links together a wide variety of styles and approaches to create something wholly unique while maintaining enough ties to current and contemporary music to keep listeners interesting from the beginning to the end of each of their albums. Class Reunion’s constituent members each wear a number of hats. This means that JAD is a bassist, guitarist, percussionist, and vocalist; Shaggy Docious contributes the same and keyboards, David Cheesman focuses on the drums and Ed is the lead guitarist.  


Class Reunion is one of the most active bands that we have seen, creating albums at a pace that is unparalleled. 17 albums have been cut by the band since 2009, with an incredible five (Live @ The Elbo Room, Chicago (2014), Summer School (2013), No Drums Allowed (2013), Life Goes (2013), and A Class Reunion Christmas (2013) released in the course of the last two years. The band is talented enough to craft music that shifts and changes each time Class Reunion gets into the studio. While listeners may hear hints of Tom Petty or John Mellencamp at points, The Beatles and The Animals may be discerned by fans on another Class Reunion title. When one puts on a studio album from Class Reunion, one thing that becomes immediately evident is the dynamic that each of the members have; the resulting tracks are easily able to make it onto classic rock, alternative, and rock rotations. By touching upon the past, present, and future of music, Class Reunion is able to make something that any fan of music (no matter whether they are old or young) can appreciate.1009648545

Individuals that wish to find out more information about Class Reunion, hear samples of their music, or check out the latest news about the band can visit their main website at , their Facebook profile at . Purchases of Class Reunion’s music on their ReverbNation account ( ) provide donations to a charity, Sweet Relief.