Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Euro Style Axel Office Chair

The chair was well-packed when it came to us at the NeuFutur offices, ensuring that all of the constituent elements arrived without any damage. The construction process for the chair was extremely easy, ensuring that the chair was functional within 15 minutes – while the chair only came with one page of instructions, they were illustrated in an intuitive fashion. The build quality of the chair means that one is provided with a constant experience no matter how often or forcefully one sits down – the Axel Office Chair is rugged while still being fashionable and will work for high-stress settings just as well as it does in the home office. The high-backed Euro Style Axel chair is wonderful for sore backs, while the padding on the arms makes a shift at the chair just fly by.

The leatherette of the chair means that clean-up is easy, while the material itself is resilient to stains. The metal wheels are able to power through carpeting while keeping wood floors mar-free. The chair comes with a variety of tilt settings and lift levels. The overall design of the Euro Style Axel chair is fashionable enough to work in home offices, corporate environments, and colleges due to the neutral colors that Euro Style provides (Gray and White).

The Euro Style Axel Office Chair is available from a number of online retailers including Amazon, while the company’s website will provide additional information about the chair and the company’s considerable product lines. The chair is priced at a point that is eminently approachable for its durability; expect to have this chair for a number of years before having to put in for a replacement.

Rating: 9.8/10


Euro Style Axel Office Chair / www.gotoeurostyle.com