Saturday, August 23, 2014

Royal Holland Volume One – The Maze CD Review

Devil’s Night is a fun track that showcases the sheer depth and breadth of Royal Holland. The music is a bouncy bit of alt-rock that ties together influences as disparate as Warren Zevon, Blur, Dick Dale, and The Smiths. The track is further bolstered through the presence of on-point claps and an infectious beat. Statues is a track that keeps listeners on the edges of their seats through a dual-barrel attack; Holland’s vocals touch upon Rufus Wainwright and Thom Yorke as the instrumentation is deliberate and focused. The two elements are able to combine to keep things fresh and interesting as listeners move into The Maze. The instrumentation on The Maze establishes an unparalleled backdrop as the percussion takes on a more martial feel. Coupled with Holland’s haunting vocals, this composition will stick with listeners long after the EP stops spinning.a2396581879_10

Twin Rivers is another impressive effort on Volume One – The Maze; there is a certain meandering nature to the track that is fostered by the interaction of the dual vocals. The track takes on a very folksy, early Bob Dylan meets seventies-era Mick Jagger feel as everything remains immaculate. The track is able to be very catchy while having a down-home, cozy feel and fans of a wide variety of genres (indie, folk, pop) will be able to find something that they appreciate with this track.

Make sure to purchase a copy of Volume One – The Maze from Royal Holland’s ReverbNation and to visit his social media accounts for the latest information (live dates, new songs) about this fun and passionate performer from Cincinnati, Ohio.

Top Tracks: Twin Rivers , Devil’s Night

Rating: 8.3/10

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