Sunday, October 13, 2013

BioWeb Elite LTD Men's Running Shoes


The lightness of the BioWeb Elite LTD is considerable, allowing for those wearing a pair to have an additional bit of boost or maneuverability. The BioWeb Elite LTD shoes come in a variety of colors (Blue/White, Yellow/Black, Red/Black, and Purple/Orange) , which ensure that they will match a wide variety of clothes. The vibrancy of the colors is further matched through the inclusion of supportive shoelaces. Despite the light weight of the shoes, the overall design ensures that one’s feet will be protected. The EcoOrthoLite sockliner and mesh upper provide much-needed cooling, no matter whether one chooses to play sports, weight train, or wear these as fashionable kicks. Additional cushioning is present through the inclusion of a flexible heel wrap and the controlCELL design; the latter boosts stability while conducting intricate or otherwise delicate movements. The cut of shoes allows for a tight grip on an owner’s feet while granting the flexibility that is need when one decides to go onto different (bumpy, rocky) terrain; the web heel counter further smooths out any variation that may be existing in a workout session. The overall plasticized design of the shoe means that owners can clean them off fully and quickly.

The BioWeb Elite LTD comes in a slew of sizes and will fit properly in the regimens of a wide swath of athletes. The comfort that the effort provides is substantial enough that this could easily be a school or mall shoe, while the color schemes pop without looking garish or otherwise gaudy. The price point and overall wear that one should expect with the BioWeb Elite LTDs makes them eminently purchasable.

Make sure to visit your local shore store or purchase a pair of the BioWeb Elite LTD shoes directly from the Puma website.

Rating: 9.4/10

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