Monday, October 14, 2013

WARMASTER: "Barbarians" Now Streaming

Old-school death metal purists WARMASTER and have joined forces to debut a brand new track off the band’s upcoming sophomore release, The End of Humanity. Aptly titled “Barbarians,” the song delivers the sort of relentless pummel that any self-respecting battle-monger would want as the soundtrack to his next slaughter.

Dead Beat Media and Slaughterhouse Records have set October 30 as the release date of The End of Humanity, the second full-length album from The Netherlands’ WARMASTER. With their raw, groovy, mid-paced old school death metal in the vein of BOLT THROWER and BENEDICTION, WARMASTER is marching onward to enlarge their legion!

“…this band has that kind of raw sound and strength in their music that fights it’s way to your eardrums and kicks the shit out ‘em.” [9/10] – Destructive Music

 “Load your weapons and let the war machines approach this is the age of Warmaster!!!!!”

- Absolute Zero Media 



In June of this year, Dead Beat Media and Slaughterhouse Records teamed up for the release of a split seven-inch EP featuring WARMASTER, along with Malaysian warlords HUMILIATION. A sampler of the split is now playing at this location.

Ordering info for the split and The End of Humanity can be found at the links below:

Formed in 2004, WARMASTER arose from the underground empowered by one demo and gained a rabid following. By 2006 the band extended to a full line up to play lots of gigs and festivals. WARMASTER debut album, First War was released on Dutch Metal Records in 2008. Many European live shows, followed and touring with bands like Grave, Jungle Rot, Sadistic Intent, Fleshcrawl, Zombie Inc. increased WARMASTER’s ever growing reputation. After some lineup changes and with newly found energy and creativity, WARMASTER recorded a new album and a split EP with Humiliation. The split EP is released in June 2013 on Deadbeat Media and Slaughterhouse Records. The 2nd full-length album, The End of Humanity will be out on October 30th, 2013. With their raw, groovy, mid-paced old school deathmetal, WARMASTER is going onward to enlarge their legion!