Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sakis Gouzonis Spiritual Unity Review


Every Time We Talk is a track that plays on classical music while providing listeners with a current and contemporary feel. The ability of Gouzonis to provide a strong narrative to this instrumental arrangement ensures that listeners will stick with the title long after it begins. Joy of My Heart showcases the many different styles of Gouzonis; there are hints of more eastern musical traditions that are present here. The quick tempo of the track keeps Gouzonis’ momentum high, while there is a spontaneous sense to Spiritual Unity that makers listeners unsure of where Gouzonis will go next.

When We Are Together is another blending of distinct musical styles. At one level, there is an late seventies or early eighties feel to the synth, but there is something that is present that keeps fans of contemporary music approaches and styles interested. While the track taps out a hair above 3:15, there is a richness to the compositions that provide an epic experience to anyone that is lucky enough to be listening. Love of My Life is a track that ratchets up the complexity of Spiritual Unity. There are still the same broad strokes and soaring arrangements that have been present throughout the album, but Gouzonis has included a more chaotic and noisy element. The track is one of the strongest on this disc because Gouzonis is able to make a cogent and coherent track from these disparate styles. Check out Gouzonis’ website for samples of his music, further artist news, and to sign up for his newsletter. Here’s to hoping that we hear more from Gouzonis in the future.

Top Tracks: Every Time We Talk, When We Are Together

Rating: 8.5/10

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