Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Magic The Gathering Theros Set Review



The Return to Ravnica block has just finished up with the release of Dragon’s Maze in May. Theros, a Greek and Roman-styled block, began on September 27th when the titular set (249 cards) was released. Theros is a set about Gods, heroes, and monsters. The Gods (Heliod, Thassa, Erebos, Purphoros, and Nylea) are very powerful Legendary Enchantment Creatures with the God subtype. Thassa, God of the Sea is an enchantment allowing a player to scry 1 (look at one card, decide to place it on top or on bottom of the library) and the ability to pay 1U and make a creature unblockable until the end of the turn. Devotion is (where each colored mana in a player’s permanents represents 1 devotion to that color), five devotion to blue turns Thassa into a 5/5 indestructible creature. Other keywords in Theros include Monstrosity (pay an additional cost, creature grows and gains an additional ability), Bestow (for different costs, the card can be played as an enchantment or as a creature), and Heroic (when a Heroic creature is targeted by the controlling player, it gains and provides a player a buff).



Five distinct intro packs were created for Theros – Favors from Nyx (white/black),  Manipulative Monstrosities (blue/red), Devotion to Darkness (blue/black), and Anthousa’s Army (white/green). The Devotion to Darkness deck focuses around the Abhorrent Overlord, a 6/6 flying Demon that creates 1/1 black harpies every time it enters the battlefield. The harpy theme is furthered with the inclusion of the Blood-Toll Harpy (2B), a 2/1 flying creature that makes both players lose life with each entrance to the battlefield and the Insatiable Harpy (a 2/2 flying, lifelink creature). The demons and harpies of the deck are bolstered through the inclusion of the Whip of Erebos (2BB), a Legendary Enchantment Artifact that gives all creatures that the player controls lifelink, along with an activated ability (2BB, tap) that returns a creature fro



m the player’s graveyard to the battlefield before exiling it at the next end step.


Rating: 9.2/10

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