Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Julian Temple Band Upsidedownbackwards CD Review


My Heart immediately tattoos a rhythm on listeners that lingers long after the track has ceased. The fullness that this track has is utterly surprising – the guitar, drums, and soulful vocals make this a home run. Dark Bar goes off in a completely different direction, as the slower and more brooding feel of this track takes upon hints of Blues Traveler, Dave Matthews Band, and Barenaked Ladies. I feel that the cosy production of Upsidedownbackwards makes this into a must-have album along the smart composition and sheer array of styles and overall sounds that the Julian Temple Band adopt during this release.

Bottle of God signals the end of the first half of this CD, and the rich alternative setting crafted by the band will keep listeners focused in to the second half. Create a Desolation and Bath Salts combine to create substantial momentum for the Julian Temple Band; taken together, these tracks make the middle of Upsidedownbackwards light and airy. Emboldened by these cuts, listeners will be album to take on increasingly complex efforts like Devil on the Other.

Devil on the Other, Upsidedownbackwards’ penultimate track, utilizes interesting time signatures. Instead of standing apart from the bulk of tracks on the CD because of this quality, Devil on the Other fits in perfectly – the Julian Temple Band can even challenge conceptions of what is “good” in music without breaking up the cohesion of the release. The allure of the Julian Temple Band is in their palette – the band can turn on a dime and create a track that has no common referent anywhere else on Upsidedownbackwards. Taken together, this album is a must-hear (and a must-have).

Top Tracks: My Heart, Devil on the Other

Rating: 8.5/10

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