Monday, October 14, 2013

Pop Evil crack the Active Rock #10

Michigan’s hardest working rock band, POP EVIL have achieved another milestone with yet another Top 10 Active Rock single with “Deal With The Devil.” Previous top ten singles have included “Boss’s Daughter,” “Monster You Made,” “Last Man Standing” and “Trenches,” which went all the way to #1 earlier this year. This is the band’s sixth time entering the top ten on the Active Rock charts. Front man Leigh Kakaty comments on the news,

“It never gets old saying we currently have a Top 10 record at a Rock Radio! We just played with Papa Roach in Minneapolis last night which is a big radio market for us (Thank You 93x). I must say ‘Deal with the Devil’ went over huge as our first song in the set! Thanks to all the fans and radio for all the support!”

POP EVIL just launched the “Most Epic Instagram Video Contest” earlier this month. By submitting their own videos, fans have a chance to win Pop Evil merch and meet and greet opportunities. Click HERE for more info

1. Goodbye My Friend

2. Deal with the Devil

3. Trenches

4. Torn to Pieces

5. Divide

6. Beautiful

7. Silence & Scars

8. Sick Sense

9. Fly Away

10. Behind Closed Doors

11. Welcome to Reality

12. Flawed

POP EVIL released “Onyx,” their third studio LP earlier this year Accolades continue to pile up as the band releases their most comprehensive material to date.

Onyx” debuted at #39 on the Billboard Top 200 and #9 on the Independent Chart.

With over 10,000 copies sold in the first week of release, this makes “Onyx” the most successful first week in the band’s history.

This milestone is the latest in the band’s hard working radio career. POP EVIL has landed a total of 4 Top 10 Active Rock singles and 3 Top 5 Rock Singles on their last album, “War Of Angels.”

“This group is the average American heavy rock fan’s dream.” – The Aquarian Weekly

“Influenced largely by Shinedown, Puddle of Mudd, more proof that radio-ready hard-rock shlock will never die.” – SPIN

“Onyx rocks. It’s shinier than a new set of Tyfun chrome rims, if that vehicle needed twelve of them, & every lug nut is perfectly torqued.” –

“The quintet has elevated its game on every level with this 12-track album” – The Oakland Press