Sunday, October 13, 2013

Coronado Brewing Company 17th Anniversary Ale


This imperial IPA packs a strong alcohol percentage (9.5%) and a complexity that shows itself during all facets of the experience. The initial pour is an amber / honey with a lighter, more ethereal head. With an intial sip, hints of citrus (orange, tangerines), mango, and a hint of bitterness, the 17th Anniversary opens up to a moderated unity of hop and malt. The higher ABV provides the perfect completeness to the experience, while the 22 ounce bomber size represents something that will make for a memorable night. This Coronado effort would be a terrific introduction into the IPA style, as its well-balanced body allows to hops to shine without providing an extreme hop bite.

The constellation of flavors changes as the beer opens up; the malt becomes slightly more assertive as the hop side takes on papaya, hibiscus, and mango. Coronado’s decision to have a higher ABV ensures that the beer remains strong throughout the whole session; rather than being overly sweet, the more substantive alcohol content of the beer keeps the beer eminently drinkable. The beer is refreshing while allowing imbibers to have just the right amount of warmth through the rest of the fall months.

Visit the Coronado Brewing website or Facebook for further information about the brewery and their collection of different year-round and seasonal efforts; the company is looking to keep things interesting with their Hibiscus IPA, Stupid Stout, and Punk’In Drublic (the latter beer is draft only).

Rating: 8.8/10

Coronado Brewing Company 17th Annual Ale / 9.5% ABV / /