Thursday, October 10, 2013

Lioness releases two new creepy videos.

LIONESS is releasing two creepy new videos–and just in time for Halloween.  The Kevin Hegge (She Said Boom – Fifth Column documentary)-directed video for the band’s new single, “Temptation”,  premieres today (October 10th). Hegge explains that the original idea for the edgy “Temptation” short came out of a conversation he had had with Lioness frontwoman Vanessa Kathleen. He explains: “It’s a exercise in discovering the strange spot shared by pain and pleasure as a metaphor for love.” Vanessa, who also produced the video, added, “The character I play is kind of a deviant, a black widow spider type who lures men into her web and trusses them up. None of them try to flee as she has cast a spell on them, or they’re masochists.” The video was shot in an abandoned house in Toronto’s Roncesvalles area and is inspired by 1970s suspense and horror cinema.

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Watch for the second video for “The Night” to premiere on October 24th. That video is a send-up to old Grindhouse B-Grade movie trailers. It doubles as a sketch for a feature Director Jeff Scheven is developing about a group of friends that go up to an old cabin for a weekend of fun. One by one, an unknown creature hunts them down.

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