Sunday, March 9, 2014

Aron Lyrd Good Times Great Times CD Review


Come Again opens up in a warm fashion, and slides into a cool and collected bit of funky, soulful rock. The shuffling beat of the track succeeds because of the smart instrumentation and insistent vocals encountered; the instrumental interlude keeps things fresh and inspires listeners to move onto Everybody Loves an event. Everybody Loves an event has Lyrd provide considerable amounts of narration, bringing listeners along for the ride. The beefy guitar work during the track imparts an early to mid 1990s feel to this cut, while Lyrd’s confidence here really sells the track. Grassy Banks changes things up and provides listeners with a different facet to Lyrd’s persona. This effort is much more sedate and softly-spoken; a different array of instruments chosen for this track further distinguish Lyrd as an eclectic and varied artist. The track gradually picks up steam and tattoos itself upon the hearts of anyone listening in; the ability of Lyrd to inspire with his music is unparalleled. Wasted draws upon a darkly emotive place for Lyrd, who creates a tremendously effective track with little more than vocals and guitar. The track builds off of the work of Deliverance-era Corrosion of Confirmity while keeping Lyrd’s own style front and center.

Made in a Minute has a chugging, straight-forward rock sound that is reminiscent of Blondie’s Call Me and Brownsville Station’s Smokin’ in the Boys’ Room. The track breaks through to current listeners with vocals that are in your face and stretch out beautifully upon the instrumental arrangements. Make it appoint to visit Lyrd’s website for more information about the artist, his recordings, and the latest news and reviews.

Top Tracks: Every Body Loves An Event, Always Awake On Gasoline

Rating: 8.3/10

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